Individual lessons, or one-on-one, are designed to suit your needs and wishes. You can learn at your own pace in the style and level of your choice rather than take the risk of losing actual language practice time in a group. 


  • one-on-one lessons are easier to reschedule for people whose schedule changes week-to-week.
  • you may also develop special needs during a group course and therefore require one-on-one lessons (for example, perhaps you get a promotion and without much warning you are responsible for negotiating with foreign clients, or need to increase your work-specific vocabulary, not sufficiently covered in larger groups.)
  • one-on-one lessons offer the teacher and student the greatest degree of flexibility in designing and altering the course content and structure.

Overall the one-on-one approach offers increased language practice time and this we believe is ultimately the most attractive factor for any of our clients taking one-on-one lessons with Zoss Language Services. 

For additional information our one-on-one courses and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.

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