Seminars and workshops

Seminars and Workshops with Zoss Language Services are designed to quickly and efficiently maximize topical learning. Before a big meeting, presentation, or negotiation, students can, in a short period of time, cement structures and vocabulary into tools that can be used immediately.
Our seminars are not only well-organized and target focused, but are designed to be fun and high-energy to keep the students fresh and alert throughout the mornings and afternoons of the workshops.

Here are examples of seminars and workshops we have offered in the past:
Presentations   - Students design and present their products or services. We drill the techniques repeatedly and coach and guide the students to be more confident public speakers. The power of words is probably never more relevant than when giving presentations. Our teachers are themselves successful presenters—who better as trainers?

Job interviews - ZLS offers special on-demand courses for individuals who need to quickly get prepared to participate in a job interview in English. Our trainers will teach you how to “sell” yourself. If you are planning to move abroad, we highly recommend signing up for one of these courses.

For additional information about course design and prices for Seminars and Workshops, please contact Zoss Language Services.
If your company is engaging in a tender process, it would be our pleasure to submit a detailed offer to you. Contact us here.