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Zoss Language Services (ZLS) was founded in 2003. The main objective of our company is to provide a wide range of affordable company courses. Zoss Language Services also provides translation, proofreading and editorial services, language auditing, consulting and assistance with foreign market product promotions, intensive courses and a range of other services all described on this website.

The principle philosophy of the company is to implement innovative teaching methods while adhering to and building upon solid and tested traditional pedagogical methods.   We could advertise that Zoss Language Services has perfected the penultimate “tried and tested” method that delivers English in X number of days, but we haven’t done this and see no point in saying we have just to get your business. We are not a school that just quickly runs through books and assumes you have learned the material and therefore met your target. Trust us; language acquisition is a lot more dynamic than that.   

ZLS has professional and talented teachers who don’t adhere to one methodological approach, but upon your request and the advice of our owner, we will take the time to “negotiate a syllabus” with you that is designed around your needs, desires and wishes. This means before regular lessons begin, students and teachers work together to decide not only on the content of the course (i.e. real-world topics, essential grammar, frequency of testing, general “needs analysis” etc) but the teachers will also summarize some of the modern and classical language learning methodologies, like the “Silent Way approach” or the “Suggestopedia approach” (you must be curious what these are, right?) or, for example, the more traditional “call and response” approach. The point is, our teachers are trained and experienced, but they are not so proud of their theoretical training that they don’t bother explaining why you are doing what you are doing in class. Our teachers share their teaching secrets with you and we guarantee that you will enjoy and absorb activities much more when you know why you are doing them.

We believe in targets. We believe in structure. We believe in using books, but not for just turning pages.   We support regular testing. We offer Cambridge preparation courses, like KET/PET/FCE/CAE or BEC(Business English Certificate) Preliminary, Vantage and Higher.  We follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment. We believe that your native language (in this country 99% of our students are Czech) is important for your learning, but should not be your “crutch”. We also believe doing homework is essential to the learning process.

We also recognize that now, more than ever, a solid knowledge of English, and other foreign languages, is necessary to succeed in International business and commerce. If you can show you have relevant language skills, or as seen from the perspective of an employer, if the employees in your company can utilize their language skills, you''ll have a better advantage in today’s highly competitive world.

Essentially, we believe if our students are going to learn, the teachers and the students have a lot of work to do, must be open minded, committed and patient. Combining these elements makes for an excellent, innovative language learning environment and this is exactly what Zoss Language Service aims to offer every single student we teach.

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