Language audit

Zoss Language Services offers language audits as an independent service for firms or as an additional service for existing clients.  Our audits will consist of the following five steps:
1.        Identify the positions where the language is used, together with the specific tasks that are carried out.
2.        Establish the level of competence desired for the successful completion of the tasks identified—the goal of the course.
3.        Determine the current levels of competence of the people in post. This represents the starting point.
4.        Design training programs that will take the people in post from their current levels of competence to the levels of competence established in step 2. This is the training gap.
5.        Present the management of the organization with a full report, department-by-department and individual-by-individual that will facilitate the taking of appropriate future decisions in this area.

The main aim of a language audit is to help an organization develop and implement an appropriate language training policy. The core question addressed is whether the organization has the language competencies it requires to face current and future needs and, if this is not the case, to suggest what can be done. This analysis can be directed at the organization as a whole, a single department or a particular group of workers.

Zoss Language Services offers this as a free service for potential clients. Should you choose to start language lessons with us, the audit is free of charge. Should you choose to go with another school, the audit is therefore to be paid.
For a detailed description of our auditing process and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.


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