Teen courses

Zoss Language Services organizes intensive or after school courses for teenagers. Groups are often made up of teens who already know each other from school or an after-school activity like sports or music or they are family friends. Parents can be a part of the process of organizing the members of our peer groups. The trust and security found in these groups combined with our teaching experience with teenagers, creates a unique club-like atmosphere with a stimulating academic focus.

Current offer

  • Saturday all-day intensive courses.
  • Summer intensive day camp: previous week-long courses took place at a chata near Brno where we had limited distractions, fresh air and a great atmosphere for learning.
  • After school courses from 15-1630. (suggested time)

We have had excellent success with these models and would invite you to read some of our testimonials from students and parents.

For additional information about our Teen Course teaching methods, course design and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.



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