Company Courses

Zoss Language Services has been a specialist in Company Courses since 2003. We have taught clients in several sectors of business: IT, law, distribution, sales, public relations, accountancy, telecommunications, medical and many others fields. See our references for a more complete list of our current clients. 

In general, our courses all follow the “Tailor-made” model, whereby our owner negotiates a syllabus with clients designed around their needs, desires and wishes. In the initial meeting students, teachers and employers will evaluate and compare methodologies and curriculum goals. The owner will then summarize the main goals and objectives and present the company with a detailed language learning plan.

Course books are chosen after a complete needs analysis and testing is carried out. Some of the coursebooks we currently work with are:

General English

Business English

Cambridge Test Preparation (general/business English)  Click here for more information about these courses and the books we use.
Zoss Language Services has contracts with book distributors in the Czech Republic and can therefore obtain excellent rates on course books.

Beyond the Books!
We use a wide variety of resources to supplement course books. Our teachers use laptops and projectors to utilize language learning software and online sources. When used well the technological advances in learning can certainly enhance classroom dynamics.   Zoss Language Services has several memberships to online resource centers for customizing printable materials and downloading worksheets, thereby enabling each teacher to select relevant supplements for each specific client.   Additionally, our website is a content management system, so we also utilize its functionalities for extended learning. For example, students can access printable resources on our website, and teachers, as administrators, can add materials and web links.  For more information about the resources available on this website, click here.

For additional information about our company courses and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.

If your company is engaging in a tender process, it would be our pleasure to submit a detailed offer to you. Contact us here.