Zoss Language Services offers support in many languages, but we specialize in translating, proofreading and editing texts into English language (in addition to language courses). For your convenience, to understand the difference in these services, let’s compare proofreading and editing with respect to translation projects.

This is a process (as it relates to translation projects) whereby the text is only scanned for grammar, syntax and spelling errors.
If you want a proofread text only, then you are asking only to correct grammar, syntax and spelling as stated above. However, please note that any text translated from Czech to English needs to be proofread and edited if you want the job done properly, especially for publication purposes. (e.g. websites, journals, European Union publications, legal documents, etc.)
This process (as it relates to translation projects) concentrates less on the form and more on the terminology. In other words, editing involves checking to make sure that correct terminology was used.  ZLS typically offers complete turnkey editing for the price of standard editing. I.e. we edit the style and tone of the text and restructure the text format and layout as needed and requested by the client.

Our team
We cooperate with specialists in the USA/UK to professionally edit texts when specialists are requested. We also work with highly experienced general English editors whose vast experience in the field of editing allows them to offer high quality professional editing for a more affordable price than working directly with foreign based specialists.
ZLS’s editors achieve quality and consistency by researching each term that raises doubt. This typically involves research - whether online or in specialized translation dictionaries - accompanied by recommended corrections. The editor only recommends changes and does not implement them unless otherwise agreed.  In the case of legal editing, academic editing (both of which ZLS has a great deal of experience in) the editor works closely with the translator to ensure accuracy and consistency.
We realize that clients are oftentimes just too overloaded with work to worry about which person is doing which job and ultimately just want the job done, and done properly. For this reason, we prefer working with translators we trust before doing any proofreading or editing but we also work with companies who choose to do their own internal translations and use our services for proofreading and editing. 

For additional information about our proofreading and editing methods and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.
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