Intensive courses

Zoss Language Services offers low-priced weekend intensive classes as a supplement for existing clients or as stand-alone courses.  

A weekend of English, eight hours a day, can be exactly what students need to make a breakthrough in their learning.  Intensive courses give students a lot of speaking and listening time and allow the teachers to really isolate specific language problems and directly work on them.

The courses can either be held at your company, or Zoss Language Services can reserve a local, fully-equipped meeting room in town or book a hotel for a weekend. We have special arrangements with several hotels throughout the region and can offer excellent rates for weekend courses.

If your company is interested in organizing weekend courses for your employees, we would be pleased to meet, test, interview and evaluate all your employees and offer you a proposal based on a needs analysis.

If you are just one person looking for an intensive course, we can still help you. Zoss Language Services cooperates with partner schools who offer regular weekend courses and summer intensive courses.  Please contact us for more information about our partner schools.

For additional information about our Intensive Courses and prices, please contact Zoss Language Services.

If your company is engaging in a tender process, it would be our pleasure to submit a detailed offer to you. Contact us here.